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Dating job hunting

"They want to have immediacy and instant gratification, and ask questions and vet the opportunity.""We recommend jobs to you that you might find interesting.

Or you can switch into ‘recruiter mode’ and post jobs and have the same experience with candidates," Nahigian said.

Bruzzese noticed job seekers catching on to an apparent shift away from traditional job boards around the time of the 2008 financial collapse."Everybody was scrambling to find a job, and someone told me, ‘The last time I looked for a job, I picked up the New York Times.’ Another man had sent out 500 applications to the big job boards and never heard back," she said."I think recruiters who use those old-fashioned methods aren’t going to survive long."Increasingly, Bruzzese said, companies are engaging potential employees via social media before calling them in for an interview.

Now that the economy has bounced back, she believes an emboldened workforce will more actively look for new career opportunities."You’re going to see companies behave like does, where it’s like, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’re going to use those criteria to find that person," she said.

Among the crop of new, swiping interface apps, Switch, for example, allows candidates to thumb through job listings they may or may not find intriguing, much like Tinder does with prospective romantic partners’ Facebook pages.

Switch users flick left if uninterested; they flick right to flag potential work pairings."Today's generation is used to connecting with people, not ads," Switch founder Yarden Tadmor said.

“But if you are too picky, you might never get any choices.

Did someone sweep you off your feet even though you may not have been looking?

These are some of the same activities successful job seekers put into play. You generally have to meet a lot of people before you find the right fit for a relationship. Pick up an etiquette handbook if you are unsure of what constitutes good manners. Show interest but do not be too available or easy (desperate).

Funny enough, dating and job searching are pretty similar in their nature. If you see photos on the wall, things in their office, and so on, ask about them.

Related: How To Write Your Resume Like An Online Dating Profile Dating, despite having its ups and downs, can actually be a fun activity.

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Dating job hunting introduction

Dating job hunting