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Choose a pic where you look definitely western, cool, maybe with some smile, and if possible light skin (light skin goes a long way in China).We Chat has a "Wall" like Facebook called "Moments", so post a few more photos of yourself with English caption (just one or two more) and set it to Public view, this is very important.I can count on my hands the number of things I can say in Mandarin (one of which now being the Chinese word for Orgasm, fuck yeah), so I was gaming strictly in English.Probably a lot of what I'm going to write now will be irrelevant if you are Asian looking and/or have a good grasp of Mandarin and/or not a tourist.Girls I met that dated laowais all say the same things: foreigners are better boyfriends, better lovers, and have bigger dicks, and you can be sure that the ones with no experience with dating laowais, heard these stories from the ones that did.What all this means is that you have a major competitive edge, especially being a rare, soon to be gone commodity like a tourist. Asshole game usually won't take you very far, if I have to give a description to what your game should be I'd say: "Alpha male that is kind enough to have beta mannerisms for this special girl", or if you wish, a gentleman.

Sadly though the first group contains probably a big part of the hottest girls around.

It's probably the hottest shit right now in China in terms of social networking, and is probably only second to QQ (which I will not cover here, as I have no experience with it).

Gaming in China and not having either QQ or We Chat is the equivalent of gaming back home without Facebook/Whatsapp/i Message and whatnot, and believe me in China it's even more important.

Posts are separated by date, so if possible don't post them all at once.

Also post random stuff like food pics and sightseeing pics, the point is to make it look like a real used account, and make it seem as "real" as possible.

Before I begin going into details, a few disclaimers and a bit about myself: First and foremost, I did not come to China with the main intention of flagging, it was in the back of my mind, and subsequently I did, but I mainly came as a tourist, to sightsee and experience.

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If that is the case, then you need to go to their profile and you will usually find the 'WeChat ID' written. There are 3 ways to get the WeChat ID of a person 
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Wechat id of hot girls introduction

Wechat id of hot girls

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